Why Are Smart Homeowners Installing A Backwater Valve?

Many casualties of basement flood know that they might have done certain items to stop it, but they didn’t do them in time. While cellar waterproofing comes in numerous types, among the bases is a simple device known as a backwater valve. A small and unassuming mechanical pipes device, backwater valves can halt sewer water from getting back into your home via your basement lines. All these are some justifications for having a backwater valve in your house.

Backwater Valves Prevent Basement Flooding

Essentially, backwater valves stop water from flowing the incorrect way through sewer lines, therefore water from your municipal lines won’t flow straight back to your dwelling. The reasons can be many, from over-burdened sewer systems to heavy rain, but a backwater valve functions as the initial line of defense when it comes to basement flooding. A backwater valve is key to stopping several of the preventable inundation scenarios, which might save you lots of money in unnecessary repairs. Having no backwater valve accounts for most of the basement flooding that occur.

plumber using an adjustable wrench to repair a sink faucet

Required in Many Municipalities

You should know that numerous cities have passed regulations to require all houses to get backwater valves anyways. Home inspectors look for backwater valves to make sure that your house is up to code. Unlike voluntary issues with plumbing, a backwater valve is now a check box on a lot of the approvals you have to offer your home or get it correctly insured. You will require a professional plumbing contractor to deploy your homes backwater valve. So rather than avoid obtaining one, it might be in your best interest to reap the advantages of a backwater valve and remain compliant together with your city or area’s bylaws.

An Affordable Plumbing Alternative

Among the truly amazing things about backwater valves is their straightforwardness. Centered on mechanisms instead of electrical equipment, a backwater valve desires nothing more than an installation by a professional. And while the engineering behind them is consistently improving, at their center, backwater valves remain simple devices. These low-cost changes mean backwater valves have remained affordable. Committing to a backwater valve contractor long before you have explored your alternatives is not a good idea. In comparison with other plumbing options, backwater valves are inexpensive. Plus some people can in fact receive monetary damages for installing a backwater valve that can cover most, or even all, of the expense involved.

  • Thousands of homes are flooded annually
  • Most flooding can be prevented with the installation of a simple valve
  • Cost of installing the valve can be far less than the cost of water damage
  • When homes flood water damage destroys irreplaceable valuables
  • A simple consultation with a plumber can solve all of your problems

Smart home owners know that backwater valves stay among the least expensive and most useful kinds of basement flooding protection. This specific valve’s mechanics can eliminate many of the reasons that cellar flooding occurs, but this really is only true in case your backwater valve is installed by means of a plumbing professional and includes a proper flood prevention inspection to ensure that all other possible flood problems have been taken care of.